Welcome to Walking with Whitney

Walking With Whitney is an infant development workshop that is designed to start with newborns and grow with them. We currently have two workshops, one geared for babies from Birth to 3 months of age and the older workshop which is geared for babies from 4 to 6 months of age. 

In the Birth to 3 month workshop, we will discuss how to read your baby's cues such as stress signs to determine their needs before crying. We focus on proper positioning within containers such as bouncy seats, swings, and strollers. We will talk about why proper positioning is important and how it can affect your baby's development and how to prevent issues like Flat Head Syndrome and Torticollis. We will work with you and your baby to practice hands on, simple tummy time tips and tricks in order to promote happy tummy time from the very beginning. We'll also talk about when to start tummy time with your newborn, how often you should encourage tummy time, and what positions are ideal to ensure successful tummy time.

In workshop for babies 4 to 6 months of age, we cover topics such as rolling, advancing tummy time skills, beginning sitting skills, and developmentally appropriate toys. I will give you straightforward, easy to follow at-home techniques to help better interact with baby while promoting their natural development. 

We'll answer questions such as: "How do I play and interact with my newborn", "Is my baby showing typical signs of development", and "How best do I hold my baby". 

Additionally, we will touch upon topics such as proper positioning in baby carriers, things to consider when swaddling, appropriate and effective toys for this age group in order to promote development. Lastly, we focus on how to make daily routines more playful and meaningful, and how to use these opportunities to promote your baby's natural development.

If you feel your baby is too young to attend class, please feel free to attend on your own or bring a doll to practice some of the techniques.

I hope you join us to learn more about your infant's development!