Walking with Whitney was eye-opening and transformative of my daily routine. Whitney’s expanded definition of tummy time and suggestions for modifications have already (in two days) eliminated my worries around the subject and increased my baby’s enjoyment of it. My baby, who used to cry within two minutes of being placed tummy down, now smiles at the mirror, floats happily in my arms, watches me in the kitchen, and looks at the pages of a book, all tummy down. I could go on and on. Thank you, Whitney!
— Meredith

Just wanted to thank you for all of the useful information you provided this morning. You did a fantastic job of sharing so many useful tips in such a short amount of time, and I feel much more educated now about where Russell should be developmentally and more importantly, what I can do to help him progress.
— Erica

I’m so glad we found Walking with Whitney! I brought my 2 month old son and we learned a ton about developmental activities to help encourage tummy time, rolling and sitting. Whitney presents a lot of information in a small amount of time but does so in a way that is easily digestible and hands on. She is willing to demonstrate both with her doll and with your child which is super helpful. I would highly recommend her class to all new parents
— Anonymous

As a first time mom, I found Whitney’s class extremely helpful. I came away with lots of concrete ideas of how to care for my new daughter. Whitney is incredibly knowledgeable and has a lovely demeanor. I highly recommend this class.
— Anonymous

Thanks so much for your class today. It was so helpful to me. I’ve already tried some of the tummy time techniques, to much success! Excited to keep working on those and more of the suggestions you offered today.
— Katie